I'm old-school when it comes to working out, which is just a better way of saying that I'm too broke to go to the gym. However, I get the appeal: a lot of times, it's too snowy or rainy or windy in Fort Collins to actually head outside and enjoy the beautiful scenery of our town, so you need to head indoors to actually get some exercise.

That's the idea behind this YouTube channel, City Walks, designed to simulate a real walk through town for treadmill walkers at home. On his channel description, the creator says:

We travel and as we travel we have collected a huge number of walks from all over the world including Europe, North America, and Central America. We share these with you so you can travel the world from home.

Part of that big, beautiful world, of course, is Northern Colorado. Below, the host travels to Fort Collins and walks through the town and, more specifically, Colorado State University.

BONUS: City Walks also features Loveland and Greeley. Score.

The channel has over 25,000 subscribers and within 6 days, its video about Fort Collins has 1,000 views.

You know what to do now: hop on the treadmill and get some steps under your belt, all while enjoying the virtual edition of CSU. If it gets boring, just head outside for the real thing!

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