The Fort Collins Tour de Fat is coming up this Saturday, and we want to make sure you're ready for the party.

That's why we put together five helpful things to remember for the bike parade, which enters its 20th season this year (this event is aaaaaalmost old enough to drink). Check them out below and let us know in the comments what we missed!

  • Beano, TSM
    Beano, TSM

    Be prepared!

    Tour de Fat is notoriously hot, so make sure you're prepared for the event: bring travel sunscreen for hourly touch-ups, lots of water to put in your bike basket, and a helmet...just in case.

  • 2

    Leave the cash at home

    ...because Tour De Fat is FREE this year! There's no entry fee for the parade or the festival...just make sure you get there on time.

  • charkesw, Flickr
    charkesw, Flickr

    Have a costume theme planned out

    It's easy to get wild for TDF...Arc even has a yearly 'Tour De Fat' section in their thrift store on College. It's so much fun, though, to plan ahead with your friends and decide on a theme for your group. One year, for example, my friends and I went as Jurassic Park workers (feel free to steal) and we were a hit. New Belgium even wants to give you a prize for your float this year, so make sure you look good. 

  • 4

    Be the 'music person'

    After the parade kicks off, my friends and I always look for the 'music bike'...that means whoever brought along their Bluetooth speaker and is cranking the tunes. Why not be that person that everyone wants to follow? Just make sure you're crankin' The Point.

  • Mark Kolbe, Getty Images
    Mark Kolbe, Getty Images

    Wear a helmet. Seriously.

    Look, you're in a big cluster of bikes for miles...someone is bound to get hurt (and does, every now and then). This is a safe, family-friendly event, but it always helps to wear your helmet. You don't want to get tangled up in someone else's gears and then miss out on the rest of the festival. That's never any fun! Be safe out there.

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