Even if you aren't religious, this church just might be the place for you: filled with natural light, cozy furnishings and— gasp— alcohol!!! This place truly is...heavenly. Sorry, I had to say it.

On the listing, the home is said to have been built in 2008, which means it wasn't the Lord's house for very long. Someone must have been jonesing for those vaulted ceilings, because now the house is on the market for $3,695,000.

Keep in mind: there are technically several properties included in this listing. There's the single family home, the sanctuary, two townhomes, the rectory, and six condo units, aptly named...the condos. The sanctuary features 35-foot ceilings, a loft-style master's retreat, suspended marble staircases, a finished basement, a private gym, a wine area (in my apartment, that's just called 'the whole apartment') and a courtyard patio.

Not only is the church itself stunning on the inside and out, but the home is located right in the heart of Cherry Creek. Peace will definitely be with you in this home...Check out the gallery of photos below and if you'd like to learn more or even put an offer in, you can see the full listing right here. 

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