This is an oldie but a goodie, and you need this video in your life.

Here in the radio world, many of us get accused of talking too fast quite often. None of us, have anything on this guy.

His name is John Moschitta, Jr. and he could say this full sentence outline in under one second. He hold's the Guinness record for fastest talker in the world and he is absolutely the real deal. Seriously, he makes auctioneers look like sloths.

This video just recently went viral, I guess because it was shot long before fun things like this went viral on the internet. But now it's everywhere, and for good reason, it's freakin' incredible.

In the clip, John talks about how he learned to talk so fast, and also sang Michael Jackson's "Bad" as fast as he could... Which was in twenty seconds.

Check this out!


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