A TikTok content creator has found viral fame by approaching random men on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and asking them to be her "sugar daddy."

The hopeful sugar baby shares content under the handle @jessicapalmadessa.

In one video featuring the text "Girls take notes," we see Jessica approach a random older man on a sidewalk in Beverly Hills. "So, I am just out here in Beverly Hills right now with my new sugar daddy. Right here," she says to the camera.

The camera reveals a man wearing black jeans, a collared shirt and sweater. He glances up, surprised to realize the conversation he just overheard is about him.

However, to Jessica's surprise, the stranger gets in on the joke.

"Oh, hi!" he says.

"I was just telling them that I was out with my new sugar daddy," Jessica explains.

"She sure is!" the man responds.

Jessica goes on to say that her supposed sugar daddy told her she could buy whatever she wants and he jumps in to suggest they should head to Tiffany's, "the jewelry store."

Pointing the camera down, Jessica explains to the man that she's just filming a funny video for TikTok and wasn't being serious, to which he surprisingly responds that he actually is serious about his offer.

"Okay, he was serious, so I guess we are going," Jessica tells the camera.

"Yes, we are!" says the man, lifting up his sunglasses and looking at the camera with a coy smile just before the video ends.

Watch below:

We don't know if Jessica is now rocking some fancy new ice, but we do know her viral video has garnered over 34.3 million views to date.

On her TikTok page, Jessica continues to share videos of her boldly approaching strangers and calling them her sugar daddy, and their reactions are pretty funny.

See some of her other hilarious sugar daddy TikTok videos, below:

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