If winter camping is your thing, you will want to stay in an igloo this winter in Colorado. Colorado Parks and Wildlife have created a couple of igloos that you can reserve this winter to camp in and it looks like a fun time.

Credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife Southwest Region
Credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife Southwest Region


When life gives you more than three feet of snow, make igloos!

Colorado Parks and Wildlife Southwest Region tweeted. The igloos are eight feet and can easily accommodate two adults and a dog or small child.

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How cold is it inside an igloo?

Igloos are made of snow, so you will not get a steady 65 to 70-degree temperature in them. However, Colorado Parks and Wildlife says that even on the coldest nights, igloos will stay between 32 and 36 degrees inside.

Camping in an igloo in Colorado

There are currently two igloos that you can camp in during the winter in the state of Colorado. These igloos are located in southwestern Colorado at Mancos State Park at designated camping spots 2 and 24a. The igloos are currently available for the public to reserve and Colorado Parks and Wildlife will be taking reservations on the igloos while conditions allow.

You can reserve these two igloos that were lovingly made by Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers through the Colorado Parks and Wildlife camping reservation site which can be found HERE.

Source: Colorado Parks and Wildlife Southwest Region Twitter 

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