To make it to your 100th birthday is a milestone in itself, and last Friday, one local woman soared to new heights on her special day - literally, as she was launched up into the sky in a hot air balloon just days before celebrating her one hundredth year on Earth.

After 100 years, a person has definitely seen and been through a whole lot, but Pearl McMillan still had something left on her bucket list that she wanted to cross off — taking a ride in a hot air balloon.

With the help of her granddaughter and the Windsor Severance Fire Rescue, Pearl's wish was granted, helping to give her a birthday she'd never forget. Many of McMillan's family members were on scene, as she hopped into the balloon basket and took off for a ride.

According to the Coloradoan, McMillan has resided in Windsor since 2007, when she moved from New York to be closer to her daughter.

Also, can we all agree that for 100-years-old, Pearl looks amazing!

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