Ft. Collins Police Department couldn't pass up the fun! Local Fort Collins family held a birthday party for their 3 year old son but instead of themes like Angry Birds, Sesame Street, Mickey Mouse, or Batman...they held a Police themed birthday party. Little did the family know that this party was going to get a visit from the Fort Collins Police Department to help make this party extra special and memorable! Not only did they drop by to say Happy Birthday to 3 year old Tristan but they also showed him around their very own police vehicles. Even letting Tristan take the drivers seat for a little bit.

What a great idea and example of the hearts of those that serve our community every minute of every day. Fort Collins Police Department is always going the extra mile to create a positive community atmosphere for their beloved town. This is a birthday that this family is sure to never forget and it's all in thanks to the Fort Collins Police Department. Be sure to thank an officer during this Holiday season that are spending time away from their families to ensure everyone else has a great Holiday with theirs.

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