Oh, you THINK you know the McDonald's menu. After all, it's been virtually the same your entire life, aside from things like a McRib coming and going or making our dreams come true with all-day breakfast, then taking it away.

You've got your Big Mac, your Quarter Pounder, your Chicken McNuggets, etc. But what if I told you that McDonald's menus around the world vary pretty significantly, and that I've personally eaten at a McDonald's in the U.K. several times and each time I have, the food was infinitely better than any McDonald's I've ever eaten at in the U.S.? Because I have! And it's true, it definitely is!

There's something about the requirements for food quality in the U.K. that forces restaurants like McDonald's to step up their game, and as a result, man, do they come up with some incredible menu items.

The first time I ever had McDonald's in England, it was a "Chicago Stack." What is a Chicago Stack? Prepare to have your mind blown.

Two legit beef burgers, steakhouse BBQ sauce, British bacon - which is quite different than US bacon - gruyere cheese, pickles and mayo on a bun that's to die for. Not exactly something you get here at home. To invoke something someone like Gordon Ramsay would say on Masterchef, McDonald's in the UK is like McDonald's in the US, but "elevated."

There are many other items on the UK menu that have yet to make it to America. But that might soon change.

McDonald's is currently testing the Chicken Big Mac in Miami - yes, you read that right - and if it receives the fanfare they expect it to, you're going to hopefully be seeing it nationwide at some point, including here in Colorado. When remains to be seen.

The Chicken Big Mac is basically the same as the beef version, however it replaces the two burgers with two tempura chicken patties instead. It still comes with the famous Big Mac sauce, pickles, shredded lettuce and a slice of American cheese.

The odds of it being a hit in the test markets are pretty good. Just ten days after it went on sale in the UK, it was completely sold out across the country, earning rave reviews from their customers, becoming "the most popular launch ever" in the UK and Ireland.

For their part, McDonald's has said before that chicken is a priority of theirs on their menu, and what better way to up its game in America than by marrying it to their #1 seller in the country? Therefore, you read it here first: I boldly predict that at some point, and hopefully soon, you'll be seeing the Chicken Big Mac here in Colorado. Watch this space!

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