In wake of Hillary Clinton's next Colorado visit, her nephew is breaking the Internet with his amazingly good looks - which leads me to wonder whether he'll be joining her on the campaign trail to rake in millennial votes.

Okay, so millennials aren't that vapid (just kidding, they really aren't at all...for the most part). But sometimes you just never know what could get people to vote this way or that, and perhaps a super hot, young male model could be just the ticket.

Hillary's nephew, Tyler Clinton (so, obviously on Bill's side of the family) is getting women online all hot and bothered with his sultry new black-and-white photo shoot.

Not only is Tyler Clinton a hot 20-something male model, but he's also educated. According to Cosmopolitan, he recently graduated from Loyola Marymount University, where Uncle Bill gave the commencement speech.

Because I'm genuinely curious if Tyler will be campaigning with Hillary in Colorado on Wednesday, I decided to reach out to her directly. (No word yet.)

Since Hillary is obviously busy with, you know, this whole presidential campaign thing, I also reached out to a local source that might have the inside scoop. (Also, no word yet.)

I'll continue to hunt for answers. In the meantime, enjoy that video above once (or 20+ times) more.