A few shocking facts have come out about Colorado and pet ownership in the past few weeks: for one, 50% of all pet owners who adopted a new family member in Colorado during the pandemic were polled, and apparently regretted their decision. Dogs that were meant to fill a void of loneliness caused by staying at home all day are now being returned to shelters in mass force in our state.

Case in point: a story came out Monday, August 23 that Weld County Humane Society is officially at full capacity after those who adopted during the pandemic have begun to return their pets to the shelter as they focus on returning to work.

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Anyone who has adopted a shelter pet (my family included) knows that it's not just an incredibly rewarding experience, but it's also a commitment. Now, these returned pets are looking for owners who are actually dedicated to taking care of them for the rest of their lives, and many shelters around the world are working on creative ways to get these lovebugs adopted.

Enter: the Munich Animal Welfare Association. 

According to Business Insider, 

The animal shelter hired an advertising agency to shoot portraits of the cats and dogs and set up their profiles on Tinder. The pets have a proper profile with different photos, their name and even bio, and yes you can swipe right to match with the cat or dog.

So, does Northern Colorado need the same thing? I say absolutely. 

Due to our current high rates of pet returns, shelters are filling up locally, so these beloved rescue animals need all the help they can get. I mean, come on: if you saw Boomer on Tinder, wouldn't YOU swipe right?

Let me know what you think: does NoCo need a shelter dog Tinder?

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