The other day I injured myself playing softball and my wife felt it necessary to mock me in front of everyone. My wife is loving and supportive, but at times she can hurt my feelings. When I hurt my ankle the other day playing coed softball, she spent the rest of the game mocking me from the stands. I was being a wimp, running too slow, not swinging hard enough. She was definitely eating crow later that night when I took my sock off and she saw first hand the condition of my ankle.

It is also time for my family to find a new place to live in Nothern Colorado and it stinks. There are more people looking for places to live here than places are available. This has led to outrageous prices for rent and purchases. My wife and I are deciding if it's time to purchase, or should we still keep renting. For us, it's more about "quality of life" and "location" that the idea of "building equity" in a piece of property. But why do all realtors meet at Starbucks? Do they get a group discount?