The 2017 NFL season officially kicks off tonight in Foxborough, so it seems like the perfect time to share who each state's favorite pro player is. These results were gathered by and, who together, looked at the top 100 players in the league, and then determined the athletes on that list that were googled the most in each state within the past year. When it came to the NFL player who has garnered the most interest in the country overall, look no further than the Broncos longtime rival quarterback, Philip Rivers. For a majority of states, the most popular player was someone from the home team, and Colorado was no exception.

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According to the results, Broncos linebacker, Von Miller, earned the position as Colorado's favorite NFL player. The map below shows all of the results on a state-by-state basis. Click here to see the breakdowns for even more categories, including most popular defensive and offensive player, as well as the state that's most interested in NFL players all together.

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