Fort Collins is known for it's breweries and and beer. However, it should also be known for the pure sex appeal it exudes at many of the local bars.

However, this is where we need the input of Northern Colorado to place their vote on who they truly think is the sexiest.

Before you start to think "provocatively" concerning what your definition of sexy is, here is what you should consider when placing your vote:

  • Is the bar you have chosen an EXCITING place to be at?
  • Is it one of the most eye catching, appealing bars in all of Fort Collins?
  • Is it the type of bar that you could go to just to chill, but also be able to go to have a romantic time?

Think of those three criteria...and then place your vote. We'll do a follow up story next week to give you the results on who Northern Colorado thinks is the sexiest bar in Fort Collins!

(You can vote for up to two bars, and if you don't find the bar that you want to vote for listed...write it in!)


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