Ready to break out those snowshoes? It's a cold one in Colorado this weekend, so it's a great time to hike across our beautiful trails.

According to and based on reviews and photos from its users, the following are the highest-rated snowshoeing trails in the state.

1. Emerald Lake Trail

On this trail, you'll encounter alpine lakes along with stunning views of the rocky peaks...reviewers especially recommend this trip if you're a photographer looking for your next great shot.

2. Royal Arch Trail

This is a more difficult trail, but supposedly features a trip through a gorgeous pine forest and, of course, leads you straight to the Royal Arch.

3. Sky Pond via Glacier Gorge Trail

Reviewers describe this trail as challenging, so don't head out unless you're prepared. However, despite the challenges, Paul G describes it as "epic scenery".

4. Saint Mary's Glacier

Clocking in at 1.9 miles, this trail offers hikers the ability to bring a leashed dog along on the adventure. The trail up is described as "mostly rocks", but offers spectacular views.

5. The Loch Lake Trail

If you're a fan of bird watching, waterfalls, and wildlife, this is the trail for you. Located in Estes Park, the Loch Lake Trail offers breathtaking views of Andrew's Glacier.

To see more trails or to learn more about the top 5, click here.

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