Today is National Make a Friend Day, and there is no better place to do that than the Fort! So, get ready to hit the town and meet new people! Here is a list of some unique places to break the ice.

Spring Canyon Dog Park

small dog playing with disk

If both you and your dog want to meet a new friend, the Spring Canyon Dog Park is the perfect place for you! Not only can you meet human friends but you can interact with furry friends as well. Sure, there are other dog parks in town but Spring Canyon Dog Park is rated one of the top dog parks in Fort Collins. It’s always filled with dogs of all ages and is great for both dog and human socialization. It’s the perfect place to bond with people while your dog runs crazy. And don’t worry, if your dog is a little shy, they have a seperate area just for shy dogs! If you want to try other locations, there are several other dog parks where you can go to meet new people.


NYC Bar - Cocktail

The Social is an underground bar with a more mature audience that makes it a great place to meet new friends without the craziness of the typical college bar. They offer a friendly service, quality food and fancy hand crafted cocktails that all make for an experience that you will never forget. They often host themed events such as the “Great Gatsby Party” that bring people together.

The Exchange

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The Exchange is a new area just north of Old Town in Fort Collins that provides a quirky ambiance where the community can come together. It is a destination that includes delicious food, entertainment and a friendly atmosphere that is great for meeting new friends. There are plenty of cute little restaurants that you can check out and a couple of fitness centers where you can sign up for Pilates and workout programs. Old Town Fort Collins is always popping at all hours of the day and it is a unique place to run into new friends.

Edge of the Mountain Sport and Social Group

Hiking up

Fort Collins is well known for being an outdoorsy town. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, there are plenty of social groups that you can join to meet new friends that have the same hobbies as you! The Edge of the Mountain Sport and Social is one of the top clubs in NoCo, with over 3,200 members that has helped people connect for nearly 6 years. This is a group where you can meet people that do all sorts of outdoor activities such as sports leagues, backpacking, hiking, biking, camping, snowshoeing and much more!

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