Bald eagles are on their way to Colorado, so it's time to get out the binoculars and go bird-watching. Where, though, is the best place to view the birds?

According to The Know Outdoors, if you're a true bird watcher, you're going to have to get comfortable with getting up early: "Sunrise is the best viewing time, although sunset hours work, too." (We vote sunset).

Thanks to conservation efforts in Colorado, Barr Lake State Park is supposedly your best bet if you want to view the eagles. This spot is a popular viewing point, though, so take note of the above tip and get a good spot earlier in the day.

Other options include John Martin Reservoir State Park, Eleven Mile, or Spinney Mountain State Park. If you miss an eagle sighting, don't worry: they'll be back in the fall.

For more information about bald eagle sightings, check out The Know Outdoors.

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