When it comes to snowfall, Colorado has always been unpredictable. First of all, there was Winter Storm Xylia, which pummeled the Front Range at the end of March, covering our roads and trees with over 20 inches of snow. That was just when I was starting to dig my shorts out of storage, too.

Then, there was earlier this week: April 19, when Fort Collins experienced white-out driving conditions in a freak storm that lasted no longer than one afternoon, and melted the following day.

We're probably not out of the woods when it comes to snow, either. However, looking at what we've gotten so far, how does 2021's snowfall rank compared to other seasonal snowfall totals from our history?

The heaviest seasonal snowfall happened in 1979-1980, when Fort Collins got 114 inches of snow. The most recent intense snowfall in the top 10 happened in 2012-2013 (ranked #7 on the list), where 79.2 inches fell in FoCo. How are we doing in 2021? We just hit #12, topping last year (which sits at #13) with 75 total inches of snow. Check out researcher Russ Schumacher's snowfall table below.

We're getting more snow starting tomorrow, which means we could move higher up the list...gotta love Colorado winters, right? For your full forecast, download the station app at the link below.

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