When you're only halfway through a week of sub-zero temperatures, it's hard not to have the cold on your mind.  For me, this kind of winter weather always reminds me of one fateful week in high school...

It's every schoolkid's dream to get a snow day; but in Colorado, those are rare.  Even under the worst conditions, it seems like Colorado schools always stick it out, much to the chagrin of the students.  But this one time, years ago, my high school closed due to snow.

Then, I learned the true definition of "be careful what you wish for."

Because, you see, we didn't just get one snow day; we got four.  Sounds great, you say?  It probably would have been...if the power hadn't been out for half of that time.

That's right.  Snowed in, with no power.

During the day, my sister and I played in the snow, mainly because it was better to be cold in the daylight than cold in the house.  At night, we all cuddled together for warmth and played board games by candlelight (gosh, I hate Monopoly) .

Then, at the end of day three, as we sat playing Monopoly to the pale light of my mom's last scented candle (apple cinnamon, I believe), the house sprang back to life with power.  It was one of the single best moments of my life. :)

So what crazy story comes to mind when you look out at all this cold weather?  Let's have "story time" in the comments section!