2016 wrapped up with an abnormally warm November followed by what felt like a frigid December. Looks like 2017 will follow with equally as cold weather to start.

According to Denver 7, it looks like the models are showing that we will not only be hit with a blast of arctic air but it will also be stuck in Northern Colorado for an extended period of time.

And yes, there could be a sizable amount of snow to go along with it.

Temperatures will start to slide on Monday, with highs near freezing throughout most of the state of Colorado. However, we'll hit those highs early in the day as temperatures will start to plummet as we hit the mid afternoon hours.

Tuesday is when we will feel the big difference in temperature, as highs will only be in the teens during the day and much of the area could be below zero at night. If you love the snow, right now it looks like Tuesday could definitely bring the powder to the front range with Denver 7 saying it could be similar to the snowstorm we saw earlier in December that brought 5-10 inches to the area.

The temperatures could continue to drop on Wednesday, with the colder weather sticking around at least until the end of the week.

We'll keep you updated on any more updates we get as we kick off 2017 with the heat cranking in our homes!

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