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Recently, a Fort Collins resident took to Reddit to figure out what kind of creature was responsible for building some very unique-looking nests found in the area.

What insects are making spongy nests between stacked rock, maybe bees?
by u/boastgeckos in FortCollins

Reddit user u/boastgeckos posted two photos that provided an up-close look at the strange, spongy nests and further explained they were built in between stacked rocks. The nests were described to be about 2-4 inches in diameter.

Several individuals chimed in with their best guesses to help answer the unknown.

It's believed the white nests were created by carder bees (Anthidium manicatum). Bee carcasses can even be seen inside the nest in the second picture. However, it's possible that this colony is now abandoned. Another user provided a photo of what an active carder bee nest would likely look like.

According to Colorado State University scientists, the wool carder bee is a European species that has only recently been recognized as present in Colorado. In addition to building their nests in between rocks, these bees also use cracks in walls or foundations and knotholes. Sometimes, they will even drill holes in wood. Then, the females fill the found cavity with wooly material harvested from plants.

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