Seeing a grizzly bear is one of the bucket list items for many folks when they visit Yellowstone National Park, to see two is extra special.

Twin sisters that go by 'Yellowstone Twins' on YouTube and on Instagram, live in Montana but visit the park regularly and capture some incredible pictures and videos. They've been posting up some great videos and one that caught my eye was of a pair of grizzly bears that caused quite the road side commotion.

The video has a pair of bears running on a hillside and really getting the spectators extremely excited. Obviously the ladies know to stay back as far as they can from the bears and others were too. The problem is the bears movements aren't predictable and at one point the bears start to head down the hill toward the road.

Luckily a park ranger was on site instructing on-lookers to move along and get out of the way of the bears.

After watching the video, you can tell the bears are looking for a way to get down the hill and get lunch. Their keen sense of smell told them that lunch was served, but just had to get there.

Eventually the bears make their way down to the road to fetch the lunch they've been desiring. Seems that roadkill stew is on the menu.

If you listen carefully you can hear the ranger yelling for people to get to the far side of the road, to remain at a safe distance. Then when they get on the road, he uses his truck to scare them back up the hill.

It's really interesting to watch and hear the reactions of those visitors that may've been hoping to have the bear experience.

With the park re-opening:

  • remember to be vigilant and keep your eyes open for wildlife
  • stay at least 100 yards from bears and wolves
  • 25 yards from elk, bison, moose and other large animals.

The twins have a great number of videos and pictures that they've taken. Here's the cool video of the bears.

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