By now everybody should know that drinking water out of the neighborhood pool is frowned upon and is down-right yucky! But some recent studies are showing even more reasons for not quenching your thirst with pool water.

In a study performed in Atlanta last summer fecal matter was found in over 50% of the pools tested during the study... Yup poop is floating around these pools.

And according a researcher who was involved in the study, this problem certainly isn't confined to the Atlanta area.  "I think if we had done this study anywhere in the United States, we would have found the same thing."

According the study the problem is a matter of hygiene for those looking to enjoy their neighborhood pool. "There's poop in our pools because people are not taking showers before swimming or are having accidents in the water."

"They found DNA from E. coli bacteria, normally found in the human gut and feces, in 58% of samples. That's a "fecal indicator," or proof that poop has rinsed off someone's bottom or been deposited directly into the water, the report says."

The study that was performed last summer tested filter water from over 160 pools including  37 municipal pools, 89 club facilities and 35 small water parks.


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