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On February 29, we're celebrating Leap Day by throwing it back to the New Millennium, and asking you to decide...are you a hunk or are you a punk?

For those curious, a hunk is someone who loves the pop classics of the early 2000's...*NSYNC, Britney Spears, Destiny's Child, and more! If you're a punk, you loved the grungy feel of the new millennium: Good Charlotte, Blink 182, My Chemical Romance...feel old yet?

Pick a side, then pick your outfit! We've got some options for either side, thanks to Amazon, so you can show up to the party in style. By the way, you can grab your tickets at the button below.

Ready to get totally tubular? Here are some outfit options for the party.

1. Denim bucket hat

The Hat Depot on Amazon

Bucket hats just kind of scream 'hunk'. I wore one in the new millennium, now you can, too. Maybe lean into it and get it embroidered.

2. Black hair pomade

Great Lengths on Amazon

Really show everyone that you're not okay by temporarily coloring your hair black.

3. Slap bracelets


Back in the day, there was nothing more fun than slapping one of these on your wrist. These ones are sequined, so they're perfect for a party.

4. Black choker necklace


This is an ornate (but not too expensive) way of really showing us what side you're on.

5. Pink sunglasses


We all kind of looked at the world through rose-colored glasses in the 2000's, didn't we?

Whatever you wear, make sure you can dance in it, because this is going to be the biggest party of the new decade.