With the kick off of the NBA season, many men are rushing to their TVs and Pepsi Center to cheer on their favorite teams. However, before you commit to any of these guys, maybe you should take his NBA team into consideration to find out what kind of boyfriend he's going to be. Elite Daily has broken down what you can find out about a potential mate before that first date just by analyzing the NBA team he follows.

Denver Nugets:

There are some guys who might be a complement to you; they’re another part of your life that you enjoy. This guy, though, directly contributes to your success. You being with him means a better you.

Los Angeles Lakers:

You’d be able to appreciate him for how amazingly he is, more than you already do, if he weren’t so snobby about it. As a result, you quietly enjoy when he has humbling experiences.

Chicago Bulls:

He’s tough and plays no games. Where he’s from and how he’s been brought up has given him standards. He’s not at all entertained by your half-hearted efforts.

Cleveland Cavaliers:

His emotions are volatile and they can be unloaded on you in a strongly negative or positive way. The source of that may as well be past hurt. Deep down, he’s just hoping for someone to show him things can be different.

Miami Heat:

He definitely came into your life out of nowhere. Is he a shallow guy who only cares about looks and/or money? Depends. Maybe it’s just that you yourself have to be something special to get his attention. That’s the way things are for guys who have options and a lot of things going for them in life. Either way, don’t expect him to stick around when you’re not poppin’ anymore.

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