If you think back to all of your favorite television shows and where they're set, do you think those are the most popular in that state? Some are easy to pic, however some may surprise you, and others you may have never heard of. Using IMDB as the ranking tool, to rate series with over 5,000 votes, Arts.Mic listed the most popular TV shows based in every state.

Some shows were easy to pick, mostly because there are a limited number of shows jockeying for the title. Breaking Bad taking home the title in New Mexico isn't much of a surprise. I don't think I even know another show based in New Mexico. The same goes for Fargo, Newhart and Family Guy.

However some states come as a surprise, like Friday Night Lights beating out Dallas in Texas. Others, are shows like Magnum, P.I. beating out the original Hawaii 50 in Hawaii, That 70's Show beating out Laverne & Shirley in Wisconsin and Arrested Development beating out the hundreds of shows based in California.

So, who took the title in Colorado? Well, to no surprise, at least to me, it was animated series South Park. What do you think? Did the users of IMDB get it right?

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