Where my '90's babies at? Us millennials have a soft spot for the olden days of the Disney Channel, and yes, that includes the all-powerful Disney Channel Original Movie.

When Disney+ came out, fans of old-school Disney were treated to classic princess flicks and even new releases like Hamilton or The Mandalorian. According to CableTV.com, it also meant a resurgence in viewership of Disney Channel originals like High School Musical and The Cheetah Girls.

But which movie is Colorado most attached to?

CableTV.com says this is how they amassed this data:

Using Google Trends data, we broke down searches across America to find each state’s most-searched Disney Channel Original Movie [...] We decided to include films up until 2010 to nail that nostalgia factor and bring back all those warm, fuzzy memories of growing up with movies like Brink!, Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, and Smart House.

With that in mind, Colorado searched for The Ultimate Christmas Present the most. I know what you're thinking-- what? As soon as I saw a clip from the movie, though, the memories flooded in. Watch it for yourself and you'll feel 12 again:

Meanwhile, I'm still waiting to see if anyone remembers My Sister From Planet Weird. 

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