Oliver the illicit pet lemur who bit a 2-year-old girl last month in Nederland is no longer living in Northern Colorado.

According to the Daily Camera, Oliver was quarantined following the incident, with the phase ending on Monday. Colorado Parks and Wildlife says he didn't have any issues associated with rabies or any other diseases, though, it's still illegal to keep a lemur as a pet in the state.

So, where is Oliver going to go?

He's been sent off to join his new little lemur friends at the Endangered Primate Foundation sanctuary in Jacksonville, Florida, which is a longer-term, rest-of-life facility.

As most pet owners who have traveled with animals can attest to, it wasn't easy getting Oliver across the country via plane. But he made it safely to his new home where he'll get to spend the rest of his sweet little lemur days.

Meanwhile, Oliver's former owner was cited for having an aggressive animal in the July 20 incident, and the lemur case is now officially closed.

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