On Wednesday, April 24, a man was sentenced to more than a decade behind bars for dealing drugs in Weld County.

According to authorities, 21-year-old Carlos Sedano saturated Weld County with 'poison', after multiple investigations revealed the suspect was dealing large quantities of methanphetimine and fentanyl. Last May, Sedano allegedly sold a large amount of drugs to undercover investigators from the Weld County Drug Task Force on two separate occasions, totaling in almost a pound-and-a-half of meth and
nearly 200 fentanyl pills.

Carlos Sedano Mugshot

At his court case back in March, Sedano plead guilty to Distribution of a Controlled Substance, which is a class one drug felony. His plea agreement is a sentence range of 10 to 15 years in the Colorado Department of Corrections.

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