Post Malone is coming to Cheyenne Frontier Days on July 25, and the show is completely sold out. We nabbed one pair of tickets to what's going to be an epic show, and we want to give them to you...but you've gotta work for 'em first.

Here's how it'll work: download the 99.9 The Point app and starting Monday, every time you hear Post Malone on The Point, use our chat feature to text in #heardit to our on-air DJs. (PSST— we'll send out alerts on the app with warnings for when Post Malone is going to play on the station, so make sure you've got your notifications turned on).

Do this every day until June 21, when we'll go through our entries and pick an avid Point Post Malone fan and announce the winner live on the air.

All you have to do is have the Point app what are you waiting for? Set an alarm for Monday morning and GOOD LUCK!

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