We asked you: who is the best bartender in Fort Collins? Obviously, we can't go out and try them all (unless you want to hear us get REAL sloppy over the air), so we found the top 3 and had them make us their favorite drinks.

Laurence at Pour Brothers crafted the Dead Man Margarita himself, which featured a spicy kick with the inclusion of Ghost Pepper Bitters! Pour Brothers is known around town for its excellent service, so it's no wonder Laurence snagged the #3 spot.

Ray at Jay's Bistro is not only a skilled bartender (with a crazy accurate memory for every face that walks into the bar), but he's also a novelist. He shared one of his novels with us and made us two delicious drinks, including the Pink Drink featured in the video above.

Jackie Ames, Fort Collins' number one pick, made us the Old Chicago version of a Long Island Iced Tea (the O.C. Iced Tea) and told us about why she loves her job. She loves her customers, including her regulars, who she says now feels like an extended family...especially after they threw her a baby shower, right in the middle of the Old Chicago's taproom!

We loved hanging out with your top 3 bartenders in Northern Colorado. Don't forget to nominate your next Best Of pick...Fort Collins' Top Hairstylist! Cheers, FoCo.

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