Everyone remembers seeing the Back to the Future series when they came out back in 1985, 1989 and 1990. And if you didn't see all three movies, well then, shame on you!

They taught us to dream about the future and more importantly to expect a life without wheels on our skateboards - and wheels only some of the time on our cars - by the year 2015. We were supposed to zap a mini, shrunken Pizza Hut pizza and have it blow up to full size in seconds with the sounds of some bubbling and a beep. Hovering robot dog walkers were supposed to be roaming our neighborhoods and the Cubs were supposed to win the World Series.

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Of course, now it's 2021 and only one of those things happened. Of course I'm referring to the Cubs. The good news is another one seems like it might be coming sooner than maybe we've been thinking, and I'm talking about the flying cars.

There's a company called KleinVision that has developed, tested and received a Certificate of Airworthiness for a dual-mode car and aircraft called the "AirCar." They were deemed airworthy - for drivers with a valid pilot's license - by the Slovakian Transport Authority and hope to have the car available to buy within the next twelve months. Granted, it may be a while longer before such vehicles are available for use in the United States, but you have to admit, things are looking up.

It runs on the same fuel we put in cars now, sold at any regular gas station and is able to fly at altitudes up to 18,000 feet.

KleinVision released a promo video, with actual footage of the AirCar, not just artist renderings and I have to admit, it looks pretty cool. No more red lights!

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