As past and present fans of The Disney Channel know, the young stars of their series have appeared in their "magic wand" station IDs for years (check out a recent example featuring Dove Cameron and Zendaya above). During what many 20-year-olds would subjectively consider the "Golden Era" of the Disney Channel in the early 2000s, these magic wand IDs starred Lizzie McGuire's Hilary Duff, The Cheetah Girls and That's So Raven's Raven-SymoneZenon's Kirsten Storms and more. And while we already knew the actors weren't actually shooting Mickey Mouse ears-shaped glitter beams from the sticks in their hand — that magic is digitally added in post-production — some unearthed outtakes from the vintage magic wand ID sessions shows a bunch of exhausted child actors hilariously miming to varying degrees of success. These are oddly entrancing.

Hilary Duff
Sweet, sweet Hilary was drawing loops with her "wand" when the director let her know what she was supposed to be tracing (the logo for her channel).

"Oh, it's mouse ears," Duff says, before her spirit becomes visibly broken many takes later at the two-minute mark.


Raven's ever-expressive face reveals a roller coaster of thoughts during repeat takes, from "I'm selling this like the pro I am!" to "I've just about had it." Her wand work is not unlike a game of Duck, Duck, Goose with a circle of invisible playmates.

To quote the Twitter user below, "her face when they said 'one more' at 1:21 ["dead" emoji]."


Lizzie McGuire's onscreen BFF drew a giant lumpen heart shape, then got it to more of an apple outline, never quite committing to the serious business of drawing the shape of a cartoon mouse head in the air.

Kirsten Storms

Storms gamely waves her wand on command 1000 times, and then left to play some golf, if her outfit is any indication. Oh, early aughts fashion!

[Sadly, this video was removed by the user].

Check out magic wand IDs outtakes from a babyfaced America Ferrara, Tia and Tamara Mowry and Steven Anthony "Beans" Lawrence below, and watch a playlist of 15 videos from Guillotine Post's YouTube account here. [Update: The playlist has been removed from public viewing].

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