Raven-Symone, who charmed America as a child when she arrived in our living rooms, playing the precocious Olivia on 'The Cosby Show' and who has enjoyed a career as a singer (releasing four albums over a span of 15 years as well as several soundtracks), has come out as gay via tweet.

Symone, who has long-dodged rumors about her sexuality, posted a tweet rejoicing that she can get married now. We can assume that she is referring the overthrow of DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) earlier this summer, which meant that same-sex unions will be recognized by the government.

Symone's tweet is below.

Symone, 27, has fiercely protected her right to privacy about her relationships and her sexuality, once tweeting that "what" she is between her and the person she is dating. Fair enough. But that tweet generated plenty of "Is she or isn't she?" chatter.

Earlier this year, Flilipino singer and former 'Glee' star Charise came out as gay in her native country.

It's a courageous thing for a famous person to do, so we applaud both ladies for doing so.