Pigs are not one of the animals you usually have to slow down for here in Northern Colorado. We do this regularly for deer and geese.

However, the Larimer County Sheriff's Office posted on their Facebook page on March 16 that they had helped to catch a 350-pound pig found wandering in Larimer County.

The pig was cute, black with a white stripe which Wikipedia explained was most likely a Hampshire pig. Lucky for deputies today, most Hampshire pigs are good-tempered. Turns out Hampshire pigs have roots in Scotland, so perhaps this one was headed to meet its Irish cousin for a St. Patrick's Day festivity.

Different law enforcement agencies in Northern Colorado have been having fun with their social media posts. It's nice to see a little humor and fluff shared. It's relatable. I hope the sheriffs enjoyed getting a break from the serious and dangerous grind of most of the calls they get. Not that a pig or any animal for that matter can't be dangerous.

Followers on Facebook of The Larimer County Sheriff's Office commented quickly on the fun pun pig post. There were 115 comments within 12 hours of the post. These were a few that stood out as they continued the piggy fun.

Becky commented "I bet he'll go Wee Wee Wee all the way home"


Krista commented "Way to ham it up! Awesome post!"


Aliy commented "Best post I've seen from you guys in a while!! But you missed the one where he had to be hog-tied!! Thanks for the laugh today!!"


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