Another email scam is going around Colorado that you should keep an eye out for. We know it's tricky to tell what's real and fake sometimes, but we're here to help you.

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Watch Out For This Email Scam Going Around Colorado

Some days it feels like the entire world is trying to scam you. Be it a scam phone call, email, or even text message almost daily. These emails and texts typically give you a reason to click on a link to take you either to a place to pay a fine that doesn't actually exist or to try and get you to use your log-in so that they can steal it from you and access your personal information. This particular email seems to have a computer virus, so do not click on anything if you get this.

Court Summons Email Scam

I got this email this morning on my Townsquare Media email; here's what it said...


Court Case #3294294


Hereby we inform you that you are suspected of violating of the Federal Law under Title 16 USC § 8763.

Related hearing will be held next week at 3:30PM in Courtroom 6B. Case number is 9690-116044487.

In case you or your attorney are not able to attend to the court on the mentioned day, please inform us by sending a respond here with the specified reason reason for abscence. You have to respond not later than 10 workdays before the day of hearing.

List of documents to provide and further information can be found in an attached file.

Download Notification

Not only is it full of typos, but it also doesn't have my name or any other information on which county courthouse, etc. I'm being requested to attend. It was full of hyperlinks to try and get me to click to install the virus, as seen in the picture below...

Big Rob TSM
Big Rob TSM

A simple Google search brought up this article from regarding this exact email that was written back in January 2014. Clearly, this scam is working if people are still receiving it almost a decade later. While it appears that this particular scam is some sort of virus that gives hackers access to your machine, there are many others that are trying to get you to pay a bill or give them money in some fashion, and we need to protect ourselves and loved ones.

Top Ways To Avoid Being Scammed To Share With Loved Ones

Here, the Federal Trade Commission has some great advice on avoiding scams on the phone and through emails and texts. If it seems fishy, it probably is, so take the time to investigate. Never act on anyone or anything trying to collect a fine without looking into it further. These criminals sadly target young and older people, so make sure you share this important information with those around you to protect them and yourselves.

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