June 8 and 9 are coming up quicker than we'd like to admit. But, with that weekend comes one of the most exciting events of the summer: Townsquare Media's Taste of Fort Collins!

With the incredible event celebrating local food, music, and businesses rolling into town, we're looking for people who are interested in the chance to help out with such a community-focused event.

In order to get involved, all you have to do is visit this link to submit an application. All other general information - we're talking everything under the sun you'll need to know to either work or attend the event - can be found on the Taste of Fort Collins site.

Taste of Fort Collins 2024 is going to be a jam-packed weekend of good food, community, and entertainment with KnoxAndy Grammer and Rick Ross taking the stage.

Taste of Fort Collins is produced by Townsquare Media with the support of presenting sponsor FNBO.

Taste of Fort Collins 2021 in Photos

Taste of Fort Collins 2021 was a weekend to remember - can someone say it got "Hot in Here"? (If you missed it, Nelly was a fantastic headline for Sunday). Let's take a look back through the memories of one of the biggest events of the summer, shall we?

Gallery Credit: Maddie Warren

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