The week of Valentine's Day can be pretty draining, especially if you're single-- you're surrounded by hearts, flowers, romantic ads, and of course, people in love. It seems like everyone is coupling up right now-- and you're just trying to (responsibly) get your freak on.

But how do you (responsibly) get your freak on, exactly?

Sexual health isn't something we talk about very often in everyday conversation, and it probably should be-- there's a lot of misconceptions going around about what to use and where and with who and when, and it seems like every guy has a deluded sense of what it means to be intimate with someone lately (not that I'm, like, bitter, or anything).

That's why it's awesome that Free Our Girls, an organization dedicated to "preventing and responding to the damaging social epidemic that is sex trafficking" (according to their Facebook page) is teaming up with Odell Brewing Company to host a Sexual Health Trivia Night on February 19th, 2019.

On the event page, it's described as a night of fun and trivia with "the Comprehensive Sex Education Alliance on Tuesday night to test your knowledge, grab a drink, and support Free Our Girls' work against sex trafficking in Northern Colorado." (Event page) There's nothing better than spending an afternoon with a beer and your friends and learning about the things that really matter.

Tickets are $5 for students and $10 for everyone else, and you must be 18+. Learn more about the event right here.

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