Colorado fans of the "Scream" movie franchise are pumped as most of the original cast of the first scream movie are reuniting in Colorado this summer. Here's all we know.

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Meet The Scream 1 Movie Cast In Colorado

Even if you're not a horror or scary movie fan, you've almost certainly watched or at least heard of the "Scream" movies. The original Scream movie, which was directed by the legendary Wes Craven, came out in 1996 and made $173 million on a $15 million budget. I'd call that a success, yeah?  The movie was so popular that Scream 2 debuted one year later in 1997 which made about the same at the box office. Scream 3 wrapped up the then trilogy in 2000. Since that film made less than the two previous Scream movies, Scream 3 was the end of the franchise, or so we thought.

Scream 1 Movie Trailer

The franchise was re-booted in 2011 with Scream 4 with a lot of the original cast, the ones still "alive" any. The fifth movie in the franchise simply called "Scream" came out in 2022 and this week Scream VI makes its silver screen debut. Let's be honest though, none of the scream sequels were ever as good as the OG Scream 1. That's why it's exciting that most of the cast from the Scream original will be reuniting in Colorado this Summer.

Scream VI Movie Trailer

Who Will Be At Fan Expo 2023 In Denver?

June 30th - July 2nd at the Colorado Convention Center, the 2023 Fan Expo Denver has an amazing celebrity lineup, including 4 of the main stars from Scream. Meet Neve Campbell (who played Sidney Prescott), Skeet Ulrich (who played killer Billy Loomis), Matthew Lillard (who played killer Stu Macher), and Jamie Kennedy (who played Randy Meeks). Besides the Scream team, the lineup for this year's Fan Expo, which you can see here, is awesome. Say hello to Neve for me, and have a screaming good time.

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