There may be some very unhappy shoppers Christmas morning. Fox 31 News is reporting that just days before the holiday, Best Buy is alerting some customers that it will not be able to fill their online orders.

These are not just orders placed last-minute, many of them date all the way back to Black Friday orders made in November. The reports says that Best Buy blames ‘overwhelming demand for some products’ for the problem.

Best Buy had offered free shipping on all orders through December 27th, without any minimum purchase requirements, which probably contributed to the high volume of online purchases.

The number of orders affected and the specific products that are unavailable were not specified by the company.

I couldn't find any mention of the cancelled orders on Best Buy’s website; their latest press release is just advertising last-minute holiday deals online and in-store.

The Best Buy forums are littered with angry complaints from customers. Searching through some of those posts it looks like some the items that aren't making it out for Christmas include the PlayStation 3, Fujifilm cameras, and a lot of laptops.

Hundreds of thousands of Best Buy orders were not affected, but if your still hoping the UPS driver shows up with your order today or tomorrow, you might want to check your order. But you might be out of luck.

Photo by qnr, Flickr

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