You've probably heard or seen an article by now saying In-N-Out Burger is coming to Colorado.

Unfortunately for fans of the chain, this news is completely false.

There are a number of fake news outlets that share this information, making it difficult for some media sites to tell what's real and what's fake. Checking sources and digging further into claims would be super helpful, and that's what 9NEWS has done with the rumor that In-N-Out Burger is opening a Denver location.

I'm From Denver shared an article today that helped recirculate this rumor, but 9NEWS has debunked it. They even reached out to In-N-Out Burger themselves to confirm that the chain had no plans to expand to our state. Wow, what a concept!

Read more about 9NEWS' investigation into In-N-Out Burger coming to Colorado here

You're probably familiar with other sites sharing stories about celebrities like Hugh Jackman claiming to get stranded in Windsor, eating at Stuft Burger Bar, and saying the residents "are the real deal," as this article claims. As true as we'd like similar stories to be, a lot of news is spread through satire entertainment news sites throughout the country. This is a similar situation, and Hugh Jackman and Windsor certainly aren't the only victims here.

Way to get our hopes up, right?

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