If you've ever been white water rafting, you probably have wondered: what happens if I fall out of this thing?

That worst case scenario played out over Memorial Day Weekend on the Arkansas River, as a woman fell into the rapids and was swept down the river at a pretty fast pace through Royal Gorge. Video captured from the raft she fell out of - and ultimately rescued her - shows a pretty harrowing situation as the raft hit a pretty big wave, causing her and another rafter to collide inside the raft and sending her flying over the side.

She was repeatedly tossed around in the river as she was swept far ahead of her raft, and was submerged under water quite a few times for several seconds before they caught up with her and ultimately scooped her out of the river.

The rapids are currently running really fast as the water is very high at the moment on the Arkansas river. Rafting guides estimate the rapids to be a Class 4 to Class 5 range, Class 5 being 'expert level.'

The woman was rescued by a man named Chris Dean, who was seated in the front of the raft and wasn't one of the guides of the tour company, but actually a customer of the tour. In the video you can hear the guide on the raft expertly and calmly give directions to the rafters to navigate the boat to her rescue, and coach Dean on how to pull her back into the raft safely. It was truly a remarkable team effort.

The woman who fell out of the raft was not injured, thankfully. Check out the amazing video from Fox31 Denver below.

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