An Erie, Colorado couple is feeling grateful today after saving their dog from a coyote that snatched him up in its mouth and jumped their fence.

Jason and Amy Collins were at home when Amy witnessed a coyote come into their yard, scoop up their Pomeranian, Rocky, and then jump over the fence with Rocky in its mouth.

Amy said this to The Denver Channel:

I thought if I was out here with them and I could watch what’s going on... I’ve learned that’s [not] enough. You need to have them on a leash and have them close.

In the surveillance video, you can see the couple desperately trying to save their small dog. Jason ran out from the house with a glass in his hand, throwing it at the fleeing coyote. The glass caused the animal to drop the dog, giving Jason the opportunity to step between the two.

The couple isn't new to coyote attacks. Back in September, a coyote jumped into their yard, not realizing that Franz their retired police dog were there. Franz chased the coyote away quickly and was not hurt.


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