There is a diner in Las Vegas with a sign in the window that reads "Caution: This establishment is bad for your health."  Despite this warning before you even walk in the door (as well as an ambulance permanently parked outside), the diner is often full, and keeps people coming back for more, even if it means having to be rushed to the hospital halfway through your meal.

I've seen the Heart Attack Grill featured on at least two different TV shows.  Famous for its insanely unhealthy burgers and owned by a former nutritionist, this place doesn't just cause obesity, it encourages it.  Anyone who weighs over 350 pounds eats free, and the trademark "quadruple bypass burger" has 8,000 calories.  I'm getting chest pains just thinking about it.

On Saturday, the second person since February had to be wheeled out of the restaurant on a stretcher and talken to the hospital after eating the less extreme, but still horribly bad for you, "double bypass" burger.  Check out the local news coverage of the story below, along with one of the TV show features I mentioned.  Also, take this poll and leave a comment; give me something to talk about on the air!


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