Is Usain Bolt happy he won his third straight Olympic gold medal in the 100-meter? Take a look for yourself.

During Sunday's semifinal, the Jamaican legend and fastest man on the planet was caught flashing a the middle of the race. It takes almost as much time to turn a frown upside down as it does to run the actual race, so kudos to Bolt for multi-tasking.

If you're having trouble appreciating just how fast Bolt is, you can test yourself against him in this interactive game in which you have to try and click a button faster than it takes for him to get out of the box. It doesn't even involve your legs, but it's still nearly impossible to top him.

Bolt, well, bolted to the head of the field in the race and showed off his pearly whites in a truly amazing shot. Naturally, the internet had a field day with the photo:

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