Earlier this week, the Holiday Twin rocked fans with the news that they might have to close again. A recent article warned local drive-ins like the Holiday Twin, The Comanche in Buena Vista and Delta's Tru Vu that they were violating state guidelines and may have to close up shop...But luckily, our drive-ins did their research.

According to The Know, Colorado officials had to clarify drive-in rules for Coloradans this week. Governor Polis announced on Tuesday that Colorado's drive-in movie theaters would be allowed to continue operating with a smattering of COVID-19 restrictions.

The original confusion comes from an article posted by KDVR, who noted that there were "ambiguities in the state’s rules" (Source):

On Monday evening, Tri-County Health said the state’s health order was ambiguous. The local health authority interpreted the language to allow drive-in theaters to reopen. Later in the evening, Tri-County Health changed course after the state told FOX31 drive-in theaters are not currently allowed to open. (Source)

Luckily, our local Holiday Twin received clarification from the Larimer County Health Department, and the drive-in will continue to stay open going forward.

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