Unexplained odors, doors slamming out of nowhere, suspicious shadows...these are all regular occurrences at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, a school which has even been ranked as having one of the most haunted campuses in the countryThe hauntings are so frequent, the university has a whole web page dedicated to telling students and faculty about the ghosts, and what kinds of things they can expect. According to the school's site, the stories of ghosts on campus have been passed on for years, but many of them remain consistent throughout, pointing to signs that they really are there.


While UNC claims that "you can get a ghost story for almost every building," the most famous ghost on campus is one by the name of Edith. Known for haunting the dorms, Wiebking and Wilson, Edith supposedly hanged herself in the attic there at one point in time, although her true life story is still somewhat up for debate. Today, students say that they not only experience things like channels on their TV changing randomly or furniture moving when they're asleep, but also that they can hear sounds of something in the ceiling – explained as Edith rolling marbles across the floor, something she used to apparently do a lot when alive. Other residents in these dorms have reported feeling a strange presence and seeing suspicious shadows in their rooms.

Stoney Ghosty is another spirit, with a very distinct smell, that still lingers on campus. This is supposedly a former student who died from drugs and is said to now haunt Turner Hall, leaving the smell of burnt marijuana wherever he goes. The director of housing operations also has some spooky stories about this dorm, claiming that he's been alone in the building and heard doors slam with no explanation as to why - and he doesn't even believe in ghosts!

Frasier Hall, named after former UNC President George Frasier, also experiences ghostly activity on a regular basis. All the way from the basement, where sewing machines have been said to just turn on and start sewing by themselves, to the rest of the building where strange noises and cold drops in temperature occur, the ghosts in this building are reported to be mostly friendly.

Several other halls and dorms on campus have experienced strange happenings for years and years, you can read more about different encounters and hauntings at UNC here.

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