The Clown Motel

This creepy, dinky place is full of clowns in every room.  Also it's next to a cemetery, in case you weren't scared enough already.  It's in Tonopah, which is a historic mining town between Las Vegas and Reno.  Owner Bob Perchetti says the clowns were brought in by his late business partner, who had a big collection of them at home.  And, oh yeah - It's for sale, just in case you'd be interested!

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The Movie Manor Drive-In Hotel

In Monte Vista, southwest of Colorado Springs.  It's the only one of these in existence, and it could've gone away recently, when the original owners sold it in 2013.  Kudos to the Best Western chain, keeping it so every room allows you to watch a drive-in movie from the comfort of your bed!

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Stay in a Yurt!

At State Forest State Park, east of Walden.  Included are beds, kitchens, lanterns, and an outhouse.  Some have to be hiked to, but not all.  These are modeled after primitive nomad settlements, and are probably the most attractive to a back-country enthusiast.

The Starlight Campground

Just got back from there!  The Royal Gorge bridge is within eyesight here.  The couple who owns it restores vintage campers and cars (for effect, mainly,) and rents them out by the night.  There are campers themed after Scooby Doo, I Love Lucy, Gilligan's Island, and many more.  You can also bring your own camper, or do what we did this time, which is set up a tent.  Also included at no extra cost here:  A swimming pool, mini golf course, and bicycles to ride around the place.  Just as nice:  It's kind of a treat to camp somewhere with a restroom, and coffee in the morning!

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The Golden Hours Motel

Hmm, let me guess:  This is a short-term retirement home?  Hey, it IS right near Casa Bonita, so maybe you can make a weekend out of it!  (Please.... don't... ever.)