Guy Fieri has made his mark all over the country trying out great food, and was in Fort Collins in 2015. But where else in Colorado has he been?

What's amazing when we started working on this story is when we realized exactly how many times Guy has visited the Rocky Mountain state.

How many times do you think it has been?

If you answered 28 times, you deserve a cheeseburger served on top of a glazed doughnut because you're correct.

While Guy has focused his travels on the Denver metro area, he has made it into other parts of the state including a focus on Fort Collins.

But what are some of the restaurants in the state that he has visited so you can create your own "Triple D" map of places you should be checking out!

Here are five that have made the list and are still successful here in 2016. Which restaurant tempts you the most to try out?


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