Don't have cash on you when you ride the bus, like pretty much every modern American? No worries. Transfort wants to make your ride ten times easier.

Thanks to the new mobile ticketing application, Transfort E-Ticket, you can order your fare online using a credit card rather than in person with cash or coins.

In a press release, the City of Fort Collins said,

Transfort E-ticket gives riders the ability to buy tickets via their mobile device before they travel. Single, Round Trip, Day Passes, 7-Day Passes, 31-Day Passes and Annual Adult Passes are available through the app. Passengers who qualify for discounted Senior or Disabled passes may also use the app by purchasing their passes from a customer service agent at one of Transfort’s three transit centers.

I like the sound of that.

The new system even helps out CSU students, by allowing them to easily scan their existing Student ID card when boarding a Flex, Max, or city bus.

You can download the Transfort E-Ticket right now in the app store, or head here for more details.


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